Forgotton Dawn

Blair Wacha

Some images in these galleries are watermarked. The print you order will not include that watermark.

I began my life as an amateur photographer in 1974, with film. I enjoyed photographing wildlife and nature, but worked mostly with portraiture at that time. I began developing in my own darkroom and learned the artistic creation that was possible there, particularly with black & white.

I moved away from my hobby in the 90's as the digital revolution began and although easier to take and store photos, the quality was not there. I've recently had a resurgence in my interest in digital photography because technology is again returning the quality that I so much enjoy.

From various galleries, many of the photos in my galleries are award winning photos, with a number of them, contest winners. I'm honored! Check them out in "Limited Edition Prints" under the Landscape heading.

I am pleased to share and make available to you, some of my work.

Some photos have been cropped and are not suitable for large prints. Please take a look at the larger views before ordering.